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Develop professionals with cultural intelligence.

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Develop inclusive people and processes

Design a strategic plan for diversity & inclusion.

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Move forward towards gender equity

Build successful global and virtual teams.

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Facilitar the adaptation of expats and multicultural teams

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35000Since 2009 we have trained more than 35.000 global leaders and professionals
13We have worked in 13 Latin American countries
95We have met or exceeded the expectations of more than the 95% of our clients
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Paola Béjar


Excellent allies to achieve a cultural transformation on issues of diversity and inclusion in the organization. Shirley and Marcelo have accompanied, guided and advised us to count with the best practices in the market, sharing their expertise and great knowledge on issues of gender, culture and generations; today our main axes of work. I am very grateful with them; their consulting and knowledge of the topics is exceptional, very well trained and with experience in many companies and countries around the world. ”

Alejandra Stamponi

Monsanto / Bayer
“The way it was approached was very good, we achieved a good balance between playful dynamics, introspection work and theoretical content. The whole content was perfectly adapted to the cultural profile of the audience, highlighting the simple language and the coherence of the agenda.” ”

María Malter Terrada

Responsable de Inclusión y Diversidad.  Monsanto / Bayer
“The impact of the designed sessions was spectacular. I do not stop receiving excellent feedback from you as both facilitators and the role you had working with setting the context and preparing the internal speakers for the panel. Thank you for the extra mile that you generated with your professionalism, and with your ability to address these complex issues and bring it to something very concrete.”

Jesús Denegri

Profesional en capacidades de internacionalización Universidad del Rosario
“…Marcelo and Shirley did a great job in the workshop; the contents, the dynamics, the reflections and the work material, everything was well designed and with great quality. We want to highlight that Iceberg has a wide experience of intercultural work in the workplace. That is key in order to speak with authority regarding global work dynamics, and how important it is for organizations to have intercultural competent professionals. We are very happy to work with them.”

Luisa Fernando Gallo Hernán

Program Manager ICA-EU for the Americas
“Shirley designed and facilitated a fantastic multicultural team building for our regional team in Costa Rica. She was attentive to listening to our specific needs as a team and demonstrated to be flexible depending on the participant needs. We also had the pleasure to have Shirley as a facilitator in the Global Youth Forum 2020, where +100 participants from all over the world attended. Shirley displayed her excellent abilities and techniques to manage highly diverse audiences, generate a good dialogue with participants and enable them to learn from their own stories about cultural clashes, bias, stereotypes and discrimination. She uses great examples and stories. We had more than 20 facilitators, and Shirley’s session was one of the most valued by participants.”

Paola Béjar

Ternium | Global Organizational Development
“I have attended several workshops facilitated by Shirley and her style is exceptional. She uses many anecdotes about identity, diversity and inclusion from her own experiences in many Latin American countries. It is inspiring and creates an excellent environment to talk about these difficult topics.”






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