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We are the leading Latin American consulting firm in the development of cross-cultural competences and in the strategic management of cultural diversity in organizations.

We offer global reach solutions with our network of cross-cultural trainer’s in more than 50 countries. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to understand and know how to deal with the intercultural challenges organizations face today.




Design a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy

Develop professionals with cultural intelligence.

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Develop inclusive people and processes

Design a strategic plan for diversity & inclusion.

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Move forward towards gender equity

Build successful global and virtual teams.

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Facilitate the adaptation of expats and multicultural teams

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35000Since 2009 we have trained more than 35.000 global leaders and professionals
13We have worked in 13 Latin American countries
95We have met or exceeded the expectations of more than the 95% of our clients
100Companies impacted through consulting and training in D&I


Shirley Saenz_ Cross-cultural and diversity trainer

Shirley Saenz

Cross-cultural, diversity and inclusion expert.
Director & CEO of Iceberg Cultures of Inclusion.

Shirley has actively worked in the intercultural competence field delivering cross-cultural trainings and consulting to international teams, expatriates and leaders of regional teams in different industries.

She is a specialist in intercultural communication, global and virtual teams, expats training and DEI.

She has lived and worked in 6 different countries and is certified in Methods of Intercultural Training, Collaboration in Global Virtual Teams, Personal Leadership for Effective Intercultural Teamwork, intercultural Communication and Cultural Intelligence for Leaders.

Additionally, she is one of the 95 expert panelists working on the research on Global DEI Benchmarks.

Ayelen Benitez

Ayelén Benitez

Consulting & Training in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager

Ayelén is a sociologist, certified by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) PM4R® Leadership, and postgraduate in gender and disability.

For more than 6 years, Ayelén has acquired experience in developing strategies for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in consulting firms. She has accompanied companies from different areas, industries and countries in Latin America, sharing projects with different multicultural groups of various sizes.

She is a mentor in two organizations that promote the socio-labour inclusion of people in situations of unfavourable contexts.

Ayelén is also assistant professor for “Evaluation of projects and sociology of organizations” at UCES.

Ana Parada

Ana María Parada

Consulting & Training in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager

Ana is a Psychologist, Specialist in Human Development and Master in Corporate Social Management. She has more than 10 years of experience in Human Resources leading the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Development and Organizational Culture. For 4 years she led the DEI area for a multinational organization, creating the strategy, strengthening the business case, inspiring allies and establishing practices and policies in favor of a more inclusive culture. She has also led the creation of educational and awareness-raising content related to unconscious biases, inclusive selection processes, new masculinities, among others.

Ana firmly believes that by creating spaces for transformation and reflection, the development of human beings is enhanced, and that is her passion.

Mariana Oliveira Barros – Especialista en cultura brasilera

Mariana Oliveira Barros

Specialist in the Brazilian culture

Mariana has more than 15 years of experience in the intercultural communication field and assisting expatriates. She is a specialist in Brazilian culture and a lecturer in prestigious universities and business institutions such as UNESP, FGV y ISP.

As an associate of Iceberg Cultural Intelligence in Brazil and director of Differänce, Mariana has obtained vast experience as a consultant and trainer in communication, negotiation and management in Brazil.

She has worked in Brazilian corporations on the process of internationalization, such as Braskem, BRF and Vale, and with multinationals entering or developing the Brazilian market.


Graciela Kort

HR Strategic Management Specialist

Graciela is specialist in Strategic Management of Human Resources, and graduate in Educational Sciences. She completed postgraduate studies in the production of teaching materials and job training.

She has vast experience in custom design and delivery of in-company training offers. Since 1991 she is partner and co-Director of BK Capacitación + Desarrollo. Certified Facilitator: Points of You and Immunity to Change and is Member of the Faculty of international consultants.

Co-author of the book “Educational Design” by Ed. Macchi and the case study: “Work Based on Self-managed Teams in Quilmes Breweries”, selected for the SEKN network.


Liliana Cantú

Intercultural training and consulting specialist

Liliana Cantú has more than 20 years of experience in the field of intercultural training and consulting with expertise in Mexican culture. She has a master’s degree in International Communication and the Intercultural Foundations certificate from the Intercultural Communication Institute.

Liliana also has vast experience in Diversity and Inclusion issues, and serves as an Expert Panelist for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks guide.

Liliana was the founding president of SIETAR Mexico (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), and has participated as an exhibitor and member of the organizing committee of different symposiums and conferences.


Constanza Carcanella

Specialist in people with disabilities


Constanza Carcanella is a specialist in labor inclusion for people with disabilities. She trains companies and organizations to go through their process of cultural change with proposals according to the stage they are going through.

Her work experience in the subject begins in 2007 and includes a vast journey in the National State and social organizations.

She completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Disability and Rights at the Law School of Buenos Aires University and is a graduate in Social Communication (UBA). Her thesis was: “Model to build: analysis of the construction of identity of people with disabilities from Argentine public policies.”

Karina Gao – Especialista en cultura china

Karina Gao

Specialist in Chinese culture

Karina is an expert in Chinese culture. She has solid experience in the transmission of her native culture and has worked consistently bridging western and eastern cultures.

Karina has trained and advised leaders of multinational corporations, businesspeople and government agents on how to do business with the Chinese and welcome Chinese delegations. She also works in translation and interpretation.

Karina is co-author of the strategy and business in China books: The power of the Tiger and The dragon’s strategy. She is also a chef and teacher of Chinese cuisine.





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At Iceberg Cultural Intelligence, we are committed to taking a more active role in the global humanitarian refugee crisis. For this reason we have partnered with ACNUR to:

Connect refugees with companies in order to raise awareness about the challenges these groups face and how they can contribute in our society.
Accompany refugees in their process of cultural integration and help them manage their adaptation and uprooting.
Help organizations to manage the cultural diversity that refugees bring.


































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