Iceberg Cultures of Inclusion


There is sufficient evidence that those organizations with a good balance of women and men in different hierarchical positions have better economic and productive results.



of gender equality

We seek to find the barriers that prevent progress towards gender equality

Women’s Leadership
Development Program

We develop women leaders with a gender perspective

New masculinities
& shared responsabilities

We involve men to contribute to gender equality


Lean in

We facilitate spaces for debate and exchange to promote gender equality

Training for
gender equality

We challenge traditional gender roles and biases at work


We accompany women to transition professionally after motherhood




After the incorporation/inclusion of women in the different YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales) refineries in the country, the normal and expected challenges presented: resistance by men, difficulty in adapting women to a traditionally male work context, micromachisms, unconscious biases and preconceptions about what women can or cannot do in a refinery. We have designed and facilitated spaces of trust and conversations in which the participants have been able to express their concerns and fears, and reflect on stereotypes and gender roles in the society, and how these are manifested in the refinery on a daily basis. Jointly, we have defined actions to promote gender equality in such a way that they (men) also win.


Tenaris was committed to promote the development of women in the organization, and remove barriers to their progress. One of these initiatives were the Lean In circles. Women’s Lean In circles is a space of debate where women can give voice to their aspirations and find an incentive to start pursuing them. Lean In circles is a place to share ideas, acquire skills, seek advice and show solidarity. In essence, it is a space to support each other and achieve the best version of themselves, whatever their goals are: a promotion, reintegrate after pregnancy, moving to another country, etc.

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