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The advantages and opportunities that global teams offer to organizations and its members are unlimited. However, taking advantages of them is no simple task. We develop the necessary skills to effectively collaborate in a virtual and multicultural work setting.



Leading global teams

The challenges of leading in a multicultural and virtual setting are very different from those of a domestic one. This is why we work with leaders to:

  • Align the efforts of a geographically dispersed team
  • Stimulate collaboration and manage work remotely
  • Adapt approaches, strategies and leadership styles to enhance performance
  • Co-create a new team’s multicultural identity

Virtual meetings management

Designing and facilitating effective virtual meetings is essential to achieve results in a borderless workplace. With this program, leaders will be able to:

  • Increase participants’ engagement by taking into consideration their cultural differences
  • Create more effective and productive virtual meetings
  • Improve their facilitation and virtual communication skills
  • Make an effective use of virtual communication tools



1. Succeeding in global virtual teams

Geographical, cultural and linguistic distances create new challenges for the effectiveness of virtual teams. We create spaces for real connection between the members of the team with the aim of:

  • Building and strengthening trust at a distance
  • Leveraging their capacities in order to boost virtual collaboration
  • Generating synergies from cultural differences
  • Improving virtual communication
  • Generating convergence of the team’s efforts
  • Optimizing coordination of the team’s activities

2. Teambuilding for virtual and multicultural teams

We design and facilitate teambuilding activities with the goal of maximizing collaboration and achieving tangible results such as:

  • Creating a new communication protocol and agreement in the team
  • Co-creating a team’s third culture, new vision and principles
  • Strengthening the trust between team members

3. Virtual communication

In order to make the best use of new technologies and to create clear and shared verbal, written and visual meanings, we work with professionals to:

  • Define in which situations to use simple or complex collaboration tools
  • Apply the best practices in the use of virtual communication tools
  • Achieve a better understanding of the meaning of received messages



Comprehensive system

Comprehensive system of global collaboration

Iceberg Connect

E-learning and team building platform

Trends in Global Teams

Based on our annual survey, we have knowledge of the challenges and needs of global teams in Latin America (Spanish)


About our programs for global teams:

  • Face to face, virtual or blended
  • Dynamic, experiential and interactive
  • Adapted to needs of each team and their formative stage

Our programs can be aligned with organizational needs in the following ways:

  • In an annual training plan or corporate university
  • As part of a leadership development program
  • Within a global or regional team in any of its stages of development
  • Trabajarse en un equipo global o regional en cualquiera de sus etapas de desarrollo.

Case of success: Creating spaces of co-creation to generate synergies in a global team (Spanish only):


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