Webinar: Looking at Latin America with new eyes

To many, the Latin American region constitutes a new, exotic, different and even unknown market. Clearly this does not mean that it is impossible to settle successfully in any Latin American country, however, the appropriate strategies for doing so are not so obvious. Understanding the culture of the country you would like to work with, is an essential step to take advantage of the opportunities in this huge market. Among the countries of Latin America, it is possible to find several similarities, but also many differences that make each country unique. It would be a great mistake to act under the belief that all Latin America is the same. These differences have a great impact in the way people live, work, communicate and do business in each country. This presentation is intended to break the idea that Latin America is a single country with only one view on how things should work. Some of the topics to be covered are:

  •   Exploring Latin America: Which countries take part of this region?
  •   What makes us similar, what makes us different
  •   Case studies to illustrate cultural clashes between Latin American countries
  •   The right approach to Latin America

  1. To gain a clear understanding of the cultural differences and similarities between the Latin-American countries.
  2. To generate a better understanding of the potential opportunities and challenges of dealing with Latin Americans.
  3. To begin to differentiate among countries in the region in terms of customs and values.

Date: November 6th (Argentina: 12pm – Colombia: 10am – EST (US) 10am – CET (Europe) 4pm) Format: 45′ presentation + 15′ Q&A

Presenter:  Marcelo Baudino 218bc1bMarcelo is the founder, director and consultant at ICEBERG Cultural Intelligence, the first Argentinean firm specialized in developing cross cultural skills, a very innovative consulting offer for the region. His passion for cultural diversity is reflected in each of the cross cultural training and consulting programs he delivers. Marcelo is an expert in the design and delivering workshops and training programs for multinationals and specialized in the Latin American, the US and the BRICS countries. He has delivered courses for companies such as Deloitte, ExxonMobil, Cargill, Banco Itaú, SC Johnson, Chevron, AVON, etc. He is a reference point in issues related to the impact of cultural differences at work and in business.Marcelo Baudino holds a degree in Business Administration from Blas Pascal University in Cordoba, Argentina. Marcelo has a solid track of successful work experience spanning 4 different industries in 3 countries; Argentina, México and Switzerland.

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Directora de Iceberg Cultures of Inclusion. Experta en Interculturalidad, Diversidad, Equidad e Inclusión (DEI). +10 años de experiencia en el abordaje y la gestión regional de la DEI a nivel corporativo y en los diferentes países de América Latina. Expert Panelist de los Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB). Profesora de Cross-Cultural Management en el MBA del Online Business School (OBS) y la Universitat de Barcelona. Co-fundadora de SIETAR Argentina (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research).


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